About Us

About Us

Old Coal started with an idea and came to life through passion, a strong vision and a lot of hard work! The vision was to create a trustworthy brand of handcrafted chocolates and confections. We want to highlight the potential of each product by starting with the best quality ingredients. We hope you try our product and fall in love with it as much as we have.  With this growing brand we hope to provide every new customer with the best experience possible.

” Our mission is to create unforgettable moments for you, through exquisite chocolates. “

About the Product

Our Pastry Chef, Jolene Kolk loves not only working with chocolate, but pushing the boundaries of traditional flavour pairings.  She is always imaging and developing the unexpected.  Our products will wrap your senses in comforting favorites, then excite you with new possibilities.  While our flavours range from traditional to inventive, quality ingredients will always remain constant.  Check out our Suppliers page for some more about our ingredients. 

Why ‘Old Coal’? 

Growing up in rural Alberta, Jolene has always loved dirt! From working on her family’s farm, to later working for an earthworks company, she always loved finding rocks and minerals from the earth. Coal was always a recurring symbol for her.  Her Grandfather worked as a blacksmith, with a coal fired forge back in Holland, and her Uncle now carries on the family tradition with his forge, making handcrafted furniture in Edmonton.  Many roads and monuments she’s driven past time and again in her home province are named after coal too.  So from finding it with her own hands, to hearing folklore about diamonds coming from it, coal is more than a name to her.  It is an idea, a symbol of family, craftsmanship and potential energy.

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Jolene Kolk, Owner