Our Suppliers

At Old Coal we proudly use all high end French Couveture Chocolate.  They produce high quality chocolate, some of the best in the world, while still  maintaining ethical commitments to producers with fair-trade co-developments. One of the main suppliers we use is Valrhona  .


Cocoa can not be produced locally, but whenever possible we like to source our other ingredients locally.

Check out this list of our favorite local companies that supply us with delicious ingredients;


Chinook Honey Company, located just west of Okotoks, is where we source our liquid gold. They sell their non-pasteurized, non-filtered honey and mead at their on farm store.


Our favorite drinks, and of course bonbons, are made from the wares of local Eau Claire Distillery, in Turner Valley.  They craft a delightful Gin and vodka, and we cant wait until their Rye Whiskey is ready to take a sip!


Local prairie fruit growers, Kayben Farms, supplies us with flavorful black currants and black currant juice. They also have an on-farm store and do farm based educational field trips!


For many fine spices and seasonings we like to go to the best spice market in Calgary, Silk Road Spice Merchant in Inglewood.


We are always looking for new flavors and ingredients, and as we do this list will grow!